Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amir & Linie Nikah

Hye everyone, this is Amir & Linie Nikah so i hope this can be a better editing hahaha sebab kira da lama la jugak malas nak edit-edit picture nie sebab busy dengan online shopping, animation class yang macam giler tue...and lagi satu sebab da sampai satu tahap malas, bosan, and tak der mood lar. I get offering job jugak macam gathering, wedding, fuhh cume i tak der mood larh and takut my work not get it in satisfaction and the result is i tolak sume job tue arghhh my friend said (rugi giler ko ni kenape nie) hahaha i dont know what i want but always make it more confusing. And for my reader be my supported for my blog and i always appreciate that you always visiting and upadating for one of my session life in photography. Love you all because i heard that i have my own fans for Yusra Photography thanks and rasa sangat terharu. I just thinking to accepted for wedding job tuk ahad nie arghh pening thanks zul sebab cari i pasal job nie. Bye all xoxo <3

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