Thursday, September 2, 2010

DR. Jeans United

       Hye everyone, this is my new job in photography with Dr. Jean Company at Uptown 24, Shah Alam. After editing for 3 days this is my result and i hope my readers enjoy it from these pictures. I'm just doing editing and try for new effect using Photoshop and looking for new ideas for focusing Dr. Jeans United symbol. For this job im just want to thanks for owner's company Bro Lee and his siblings and love you <3 for Ash to be my driver and second photographer and Ali for giving his camera. Also for this time i'm using Nikon & Sony camera that my new experience and a lot of tired for working at midnight time and month of Ramadhan. Just feel satisfied and this is beginning for this year to give me mood & feeling to touch my camera. Thanks for my fans giving me a lot of messages in Facebook inbox...sorry i'm not reply it because busy with animation subject>>>crazy...stress...i wanna to die because i hate it ;(  From this post im choose the best picture and also at the back scene from me...thanks and love you all xoxo <3



  1. nice pic n editing..logo pun menarik gak..

  2. logo>>> that company yang i kene wut job...dowang nak promote dier nyer brand


love YUSRA