Friday, July 23, 2010

Headband to sell

    Hye everyone, hari ini saya tak tunjuk hasil photography or any editing picture from my own work tapi i nak jual headband it is the handmade from someone.  If u all nak beli just inform me at my email and for information price just see under the picture of the item design.  Sorry to my reader because not updated my blogger because i have many work to do.  Also i hope you always with me support my blog and don't forget leave your comment & visiting to improvement in the future. Now it 3 or 4 week i started for new semester in uitm.  Make me always busy with the homework broadcast session such as script writing and animation ( give me a lot of stress writing and creative thinking).  I'm not stop in photography just wait and see for any job and started to find wedding planner if they can give me a new part-time job.  Giving my time to sell on-line stuff in Korean style clothes & variety design of headband.  I hope what i am choose and doing now going be success. Love you all xoxo from YUSRA...

Design 1=RM12

Design 2=RM10

Design 3=RM10

Design 5=RM8

Design 6=RM10

Design 7=RM11

Design 8=RM12

Design 10=RM10

Design 11a=RM18

Design 11b=RM18

Design 11c=RM18

pic Design 1=RM12

pic Design 5=RM8

pic Design 7=RM11

pic Design 10=RM10


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love YUSRA