Friday, April 9, 2010

Trip Broadcasting Club, Port Dickson

This is my trip broadcasting club in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan and it so amazing to know more people in here especially for senior and junior broadcasting.  At the first i don't want go for this trip but i thinking for myself to put in one vacation after stress and tension with my part time work and my study also family problem so for this day i choose to go to forget everything and having fun with my friend and my lovely classmate.  Not all our classmate go for this trip it little bit said because they must ready for their economic test.  It amazing also because i love to take picture and this my beautiful beach i see and so blue in my eyes, feel free everywhere you go, and so clean beach wow...that Malaysia...We do a lot of activities in here run, laugh, jump, dance it cant be forgettable for one people in here.. I hope broadcasting club it can do it again trip like this so we can fun together and thank for new beautiful faces in my camera and see all my friend for next time.  Miss you all Muahxxx xoxo...peace ;p


  1. terbaek....wok...hehe,improve lg tau tok maju ke depan...

  2. good job darling...usahe lg tok maju kn diri....jgn bt separuh jln...

  3. aku ade nikon d60 nk jual.
    klau sape2 nk bli kol aku.
    gmbr ade kt

    cantik2 gmbr :D


love YUSRA