Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lisa to be a model

This my new photoshoot for my photography at Klang Parade, Selangor. It happened when my friend's Lisa get be offered to be a model for the competition for one of the trainer of make-up artist under company ge'jo (product from Japan). I take this advantages to feel experience when doing photoshoot at stage, big audience, and little bit unsatisfied when my flash cannot be use it...but i can control that after an of hour. Thank for everybody in any involved to be this photoshoot until the end especially for Sis Sofia and her future husband and also for their cousin... This post introduction for new faces from my good friend's Lisa in the first model side and catwalk for memorable for her also...please leave any comment to get improvement for my skill photography and this picture editing from me also yusra_superstar.

First touch-up for hair style from cousin Sis Sofia at Klang it take more 2 hour

Lisa yang agak rasa mengantuk tunggu semuanya settle

When for hair concept done and ready to go at competition place

At stage and i take a close-up from second floor

Try to get strategic place betul2 depan pentas and after berape minit i kene halau lol>>

This girl so natural look and show a Malay beauty with their style

Last touch-up when time it over

At the back stage

Ready for catwalk

Close-up Lisa faces after make-up

Lisa & Sis Sofia

Lisa & Fynn

Lisa & Me

Lisa & me again

Focus for fynn sebab sexy lol>>

When introduce with make-up artist and model before catwalk

Lisa know how to control their nervousness ;p

when all the model at stage for the last pose


the first winner for this day

good combination

entertainer for that day ( wow hot! ;p)

all their member's

Great leg for dancer's for this show

beautiful ladies

lovely dress

At last, graduate from trainer and congrats to sis Sofia

all the top 10

Pose from Lisa

Sis Sofia, tutor & Lisa

Thanks for both of them


love YUSRA