Friday, December 2, 2011

Rock The World Adrenaline 2011

This is the promo video from Rock The World Adrenaline 2011, this video can be more memories for our group SkyTeam as collaboration project to find a better client and faces in real industry for subject TV Directing (BRO 631). We learn a lot from this production from start the shooting at 6am until 3am wow I'm going crazy for that day. Experience behind the scenes and learn a lot from all crew production and see how them handle it to get the impact, satisfaction, strategy and what ever in production. Advantages for our group can meet the people really experience and willing to teach and share with what they have now. They do not stingy and arrogant with our group and so most welcome even with extremely busy.  Now ours group in progress behind the scenes for this promo to send to our lecturer Dr. D and also waiting a real concert for this event in december. Thanks for all of them to made up our task to be in real success. Kepada kawan-kawan semua jangan lupa lihat promo ini di TV9 and Youtube sampai banyak-banyak kali.
For all people out there don't forget to join this concert in 10am, 10 December 2011. Datang jangan tak datang!!! from yusra yang sekecil semut pengalaman

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