Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tension Vs Sick

Editing for Izu Photo, when time really tension and stress with a lot of assignment, presentation and others thing make me sick a lot.  I don't have any idea for editing my logo's for production company and also my focusing in my work always loss everywhere because of im not in real mind. Especially everything must used a lot of money,money,money make me fucking sick also effected the zombie faces.Comment for this photo also the same in my mind "serabut" haha i know it clearly. When see me in face to face make you shock and must say the question to me "what happened to you YUSRA, are you OK?" im answering im not life is fucking shit now everything not going in real way. Sometime my body feel bad effected from medicine and sometimes im don't know wish one i must start and finish it.  I hope i wake up from my bad dream and aware from my fantasy. Common Yusra overcome your life with gritty and strength and i need someone really truth, care, and honest with me.

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