Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Editing For SHAHRUL

Help my friend editing for their picture i hope will be accepted also help to find something to do because really bored and i'm doing nothing everyday it like tired day for me. I hate a lot schedule for this semester make me stress and lazy to attend the class. Miss someone a lot and say any question for me. Not forget for my customer make it order in my contact also always keep in touch with me and for the last word before sleep yeah tomorrow i get the evening classes love you all xoxo.


  1. sorry to say, it's okay to use broken english but your english sounds like direct translate from google translate. i think it would be nicer if you use malay words. ~ ^_^

  2. thanks comment i will improve my photography n english haha :P

  3. oit..x bek ar tunjuk2 fuck
    anyway the rest of the foto still nice


love YUSRA