Monday, November 8, 2010

Winner 1st Place For Animation Event

       Hye everyone, it late to talk about this event (15 October 2010, Pameran Animasi) sebab dah lepas lama darh and lagi pon this post i darh simpan lama cume tak publish jer sebab a lot of work must be done first tapi adalah satu kepuasan selama beberapa bulan i work hard for this work and berasa sangat larh terseksa and stress for this semester for this subject ANIMATION with the best my members group Lisa, Leyna, Shien, and Nad (wonder girls) the result is i get for the first place for this competition. A lot of fun when we work together and bermacam-macam kejadian berlaku and dari sinilah kiter boleh tahu how the real react seseorang and we knows who's the real friend or our enemies. Bermacam ragam manusia yang kita boleh lihat seperti orang yang cakap besar, sombong, berlagak, dan berlagak pandai tapi working is zero and hasilnya nothing and orang yang tidak tahu ape-ape and they knows how their level with their skill and they give a lot of effort to learn and work can be the best person rather than before. All people is the same person when we working in group if sorang jadi bodoh all the group can be stupid person and if setiap orang dalam group they know for the real part for the work semua bende takkan kucar-kacir and kita akan dapat yang terbaik and for my prinsip no last minute work and for my experience it have be chemistry when i work with Lisa my BFF walau macam manapun last minute it can be submit on time and the result is excellent work tapi bila working with another person a lot of problem will happened that the real word always been out from Lisa and saya sangat setuju. All my classmate know my real act, action, or it can be habit when i work no word "relax or asal kan ada" also i want get the best result whatever it is "tak reti buat keje cant be my partner" haha i can be friendly, joker and sengal and i also i can be seorang yang sangat baran and boleh mengamuk sampai ada orang nangis disebabkan i (scary and ade skit menyesal) tapi that me and i cant control myself and my temperature whether is hot, warm or cold because i always watch, look, hear, try be passion at the end bila semua tue darh dilakukan i cant be under control lagi. Kebimbangan makin meningkat apabila the next subject for next semester lagi mencabar dan sangat kritikal (production) i hope i can get the better people for working together because that my real job, skill, environment when we work in the real industry in broadcaster. Im just glad and bless because a lot my lovely friend give the support and advice i have the better friend especially from this members group and now for my semester break kene cari duit banyak-banyak from part time job sebab next semester kene pakai duit banyak sebab konon-konon kene jemput artist, wardrobe, equipment and bla-bla-bla. So now waiting any job kalau ada sesiapa yang nak hired contact me and for my customer any booking photoshoot sila larh msg or call saya. My customer contact lens sila larh rajin-rajin lihat facebook and myspace to choose the list of item to buy it. For my readers thank visit here sebab rajin bace what i want to share and you all can see my previous job in photography yang i penah buat. Thanks to Devin sebab teman i write for this post and he always learn from me Malay language (saya sayang awak, awak cantik, apa khabar). Bye love u all muahxoxo :p

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