Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Friend Forever

Hye all my friend,
For the first post i want Prayojana friend about the i will remember forever when i study Jengka Kat UiTM, Pahang. It just feel like recently in UiTM then and it's hard to find a friend and still red-faced friends I commented cane Kat hak2 [klakar lorh biler Tue think back cume]. For last week i and all friend from student general business and banking enjoy for the last semester before also graduated and fun together chamang, Pahang. WOW .. dier best lorh beautiful place ... we all plan together for camping and bathing-Manda Kat cane. ERM-tasty tasty food JE Kat caner because there is BBQ and wut kind of food there .... and cume kids and to my kind of excited about this is the first time lorh camping for me [hak2 kene tidor forest Kat uhhh fear nyer then for that day of heavy rain flooding lorh uhh plaque in the tent kitaorang] but it everthing ok and all the guy so caring with all their ladies.

Then you can not take Lupe biler suspension bridge to enter the camping area uhh so hard because it so long then if biler way reramai Kat on Tue bridge must be rocking giler-giler then i start lorh dizzy cam pastu way people drunk and feeling like vomiting [haha but my friend linie da da vomiting lasting because it is]. The best nyer kids follow clues business nie must feel happy because of all to my friend cam giler-giler brain and betting dorh then there is dorang je brownies I made jokes. We spent all night with a crazy play activities, games and the guy kept sing-sing and puzzles are not so stupid to survive tidor campai morning.
I hope we all plan together for Reunion or holiday Sesame to collect all friend and also hope dorang cume will be successful in life whether in the world and the hereafter. Always keep in touch and love you all. Muahxxoxo ........


  1. haha... kuan asam... siap kantoikan aku muntah 2... xtahan doh.... smart r blog u sayang.... terharu membacanyer.... huhu... chamang memang best... pasni kte g lg tau.. aku bwk heli gi supaya xlalu jmbtan gantung 2 lg... haha... ape2 pun pe ko tulis ni mmg besh.. teringat balik doh knangan bsama... huhu... tp xsgka da end da jengka.. huhu.. cdeh lorrr...

  2. Pelajar BM 111 UiTM Pahang ~ Kirim salam beliau-beliau sumer..

    Blaja pndai2, da bsar jd polis...

  3. hahahhaha..yusra de best bloger...
    chamang is de best n u all de best..
    sweet memory tp lg sweet gadis yg possing cowang2 kt jambatan gantung tuw..;p
    yusra pn same gler2...huhuhuhuhu.......
    keep de memory till end of our life..chill babe...!!! gotcha!!

  4. chamang ni ktner ? jauh x dari kuantan ?

  5. takde dalam gambar punnnn :(

    do visit my blog as well :)

  6. baik larh mohd adib hak2 ;p


love YUSRA